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The Australian Navy began evacuating thousands of people from stranded eastern coastal towns on Jan. The hot weather is expected to spark more forest fires in new south wales and victoria, with prime minister mr morrison saying the beleaguered population must evacuate as soon as possible.


On January 3 local time, Australian troops evacuated hundreds of people trapped in the southeastern town where the fire spread from the sea. On Tuesday, Australian officials approved a mandatory evacuation of the victims.


The Royal Australian Navy's amphibious landing ship HMS Chores and patrol ship HMS Sycamore reportedly assisted with the evacuation of about 1,000 people from the remote town of Marakutta in the eastern part of the beleaguered state on Wednesday. Since New Year's Day,4,000 people have been stranded by the sea for rescue because of the approaching forest fire.


Local time on the night of the 2nd, the state first into a state of disaster, like the new state in a state of emergency, the local temperature on the 4th is expected to rise to more than 40 degrees Celsius, and strong winds, expected to aggravate the fire in the two states.


The state emergency commissioner, christoph, urged people living in dangerous areas to leave the country without a fluke. \"This is a chance to escape. The forest fire situation is not as we know it, there may be a new fire today.


At least 20 people have been killed, more than 10 have gone missing and more than 1,300 more homes have burned in Australia, to a more serious extent than expected. Analysts say the damage caused by the fires could exceed $50 million a day in Sydney alone.


Morrison's government has been blamed for its poor response to climate change, which has been blamed for frequent forest fires and droughts in Australia, the report said. Morrison held a press conference on Wednesday to show that existing emission reduction targets are sufficient to prevent a future forest fire crisis, while the Australian National Security Council will meet on June 6 to discuss a long-term strategy to deal with the crisis.


It is reported that the Australian forest fire not only caused human casualties and economic losses, but also brought devastating damage to the natural ecology. About 500 million birds, mammals and reptiles have died in forest fires, and the number of affected animals is increasing, according to the University of Sydney's ecology expert Dickman.


Ecological researchers have also released a number of stunning photos, including of a kangaroo trying to escape the wall of fire and images of thousands of koala chars found by rescue workers. The tree bears are thought to have the lowest chance of escaping the flames because they are very slow and eat only eucalyptus leaves. These leaves are rich in vegetable oil and are therefore very easy to burn. Ecologists say the number of koalas on the north shore of the new state has fallen by a third in less than four months.