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MODECOM FreeTAB 7004 HD+ X2 3G+ Dual is a multi-purpose ultra-mobile a phablet type device which combines functions of smartphone, tablet and fully functional GPS navigation. This high-quality product is an ideal solution for those people who are looking for a powerful and highly efficient ultra-mobile device.  which offers an excellent performance and support for multimedia capabilities. Slim and made of high-quality materiale housing, includes an advanced components, such as: dual-core CPU clocking at 2 x 1.2 GHz, MALI-400 MP2 GPU, 7” display with extended high resolution of 1024 x 600, Dual SIM card slot, modules (GPS, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi), two video cameras and 512 MB of RAM memory.


Phablet MODECOM FreeTAB 7004 HD+ X2 3G+ Dual was equipped with excellent 7” capacitive screen with extended resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and 16:10 aspect ratio.  Thanks to extended resolution you can enjoy beautiful and saturated colors while browsing the Internet, watching videos or pictures.  Access to the multimedia entertainment center as simple as never before. Used in the MODECOM 7004 HD+ X2 3G+ Dual capacitive screen allows you to control the device with five fingers simultaneously. Thanks to this technology user get access to a wide range of multimedia capabilities.


–          Glass layer on the screen surface guarantees comfort and protects the screen from scratches.

–          Advanced 5-point multitouch mode supports up to 5-points at the same time, so you can control the device with ten fingers simultaneously.

–          New wireless WiFi module compatible with the 802.11n standard provides very fast and secure communication between tablet and the access point, such as router, this way providing convenient web browsing and smooth HD playback.

–          Tablet is equipped with two top-quality cameras with 2.0 Mpix (back) and 0.3 Mpix (front) native resolution. A front-mounted camera is designed to use free video conference applications such as Skype.

–          Built-in G-sensor, known as accelerometer, allows you to control apps by tilting the tablet and to switch between horizontal and vertical view. You can now control games more easily with no need to use touch panel.

–          3000 mAh battery provides the user with long operating time without the need for frequent charging